Juicing – how and why

juicing for health

Those of you that know me know I love juicing.

I love to juice. I juice as a lifestyle, not a diet.

I juice because it makes me feel great, gives me energy and cleanses my system.

‘What is the point of juicing? Why can’t you just eat it?’

‘What about the waste, the fibre, the mess, the time it takes?’

These are all questions that people regularly ask me.

The answer….YES it might be better to eat the vegetables and fruit BUT people don’t and they won’t.

In Japan the recommended daily portion of Vegetables and Fruit is 17.

In the USA it is 7, in Europe it is 9 and in the UK it is just 5!

Do you eat your 5 portions a day? Could you eat 17?

We should not just eat the vegetables and fruit for fibre but for the vast range of vitamins and minerals they provide. These vitamins and minerals contribute to our health and wellbeing.

The nutrients contained in raw, live juice are extremely easy for the body to digest, extract and utilise.

Nature, especially vegetables and fruit, provides everything we need to survive and function optimally.

Juicing is the fastest way to get high levels of essential vitamins and minerals into your system.

Juicing should be more about vegetables than fruit. Be careful not to make too many sweet juices as the fructose in the juice still counts as sugar.

My top 2 reasons to juice

  • Juicing helps you easily absorb all the nutrients (vitamins and minerals) from the vegetables and fruit.
  • Most of us have impaired digestion as a result of eating/drinking less than optimal food/drink over the years. This can limit your body’s ability to absorb nutrients.

Juicing helps to pre-digest the vegetables and fruit so your body will receive all the nutrients and use them effectively.

You can add a wider variety of vegetables and fruit into your and your family’s diet.

Many people eat the same vegetables every day.

For optimum nutrition, you need to eat a wide range of food.

By juicing you can have a variety of vegetables and fruit that you may not enjoy eating.

My family, including my 2 young children, have a spinach, kale, beetroot, carrot, apple, lemon and ginger juice, at breakfast time.

I bet there aren’t many people who have that amount in a day let alone for breakfast.

The most important thing is to enjoy your juices. Experiment with combinations of vegetables and fruit that you will look forward to drinking.

If you would like to know more about juicing please have a look at Jason Vale’s website


If you are intrigued or sceptical an amazing documentary to watch is Jason Vales ‘Super Juice Me’

This highlights the power of juicing and how important it is to eat clean fresh food from the land.

May the Juice be with you!

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